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Accountants in Preston

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are committed to CSR. We aim to have an ethical and lawful approach to each of our activities, considering always our impact on society at large.

We divide our CSR approach into four main areas: Environment, Workplace, Marketplace and Community.


Our business actively seeks to reduce our carbon footprint and we encourage a green approach to our employees on a day-to-day basis through our provision of recycling facilities and numerous energy saving applications.


The Preston Accountant aims to provide employees with as many opportunities as possible to better themselves by encouraging acquisition of new skills and by considering carefully the scope for individual career progression.

We are devoted to challenging employees to maximise their full potential whilst supporting any initiatives to improve the work-life balance of our valued staff. We conduct regular surveys of staff motivation and encourage staff to bring forward any grievances they might have and then do all we can to address them.

We are an equal opportunities employer where all staff can operate free from discrimination on grounds of sex, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, ethnicity, disability or age. We meet all required health and safety standards and endeavour to build a work environment free from accidents and occupational illness.


The Preston Accountants comply with all relevant legislation and maintains a high standard of financial control. Our standard contract terms are fair and we seek to pay suppliers accurately and on time. We proactively seek feedback from our clients and suppliers and use these results as a means to improve our offering eg by re-training our staff. We have a simple yet highly effective complaints resolution procedure in place.


We strive continuously to make a positive contribution to both the local and wider community.

We work with local schools and universities to provide pupils and students with an insight into corporate life through presentations and employing the skills of 'interns'.