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Accountants in Preston



Get the best value from your bookkeeping.

Your bookkeeping should be "reports ready".

This means that when the bookkeeping is done properly and fully, you will be able to get the reports and other information 'at the click of a button'.

Useful reports are:

  • The money you are owed

  • The money you owe

  • How much you have spent with a supplier

  • Profit or loss

  • VAT due

  • Year End Accounts

  • Much more

will get your records up to date and keep them there.

Our Reports will be to your requirements - no excuses.

Sound Bookkeeping is the firm foundation of all businesses.  Growing businesses can thrive on accurate records, and good businesses can be lost through lack of critical information.

It is also a legal requirement, either for filing Accounts with Companies House or HM Customs & Excise.

Whether your records are computersied or manual, and usually a combination of both, We will enable you to have your vital business information at your fingertips.






Really Good Reports

Our bookkeeping services start with the correct day to day recording of sales invoices, bills and banking.

From this base point we use the principles of accruals and prepayments to establish a smooth picture of the month on month performance.

Finally, if required, we will produce your full Year End Accounts


Understanding Accounting

We believe it is important for small businesses to understand their Accounts so that they can direct and grow their business successfully.


Accounting Controls

These are various checks and balances in the bookkeeping and accounting process which help to confirm that the books are correct.